The Giving House by Madelyn March

The giving house l

My third novel, The Giving House, is now available. Getting to this point is somewhat like watching your grown child move out on their own. I’ve put in the blood, sweat, and tears and now it’s time to let the novel be independent. It’s not easy to let go because my characters are not fiction to me, they have sprouted to life from the page.

Harriet is a strong woman with a unique voice and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her. She finds herself and her strength through tragedy (as many of us do). What she does from there is inspirational, yet she still struggles with her choices, even on her deathbed.

You can enter the Goodreads giveaway or purchase your copy today on Amazon.

A little more about the book…

Harriet Jareck is dying. Cancer snakes through her brain, eradicating her short-term memory and her ability to recognize faces. It’s not looming death that scares her—she’s had a long life on the farm she loves. What she fears most is dying before she’s been forgiven for her worst sin. She’s dedicated her life to repenting for that sin, but she worries that it’s not enough. She feels called to tell the whole story—every disturbing detail—to seek forgiveness, not knowing who listens or whether she has enough time left in her to finish.

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